How to Turn Off the ESP BAS Light on Your Jeep Liberty

If you’ve recently noticed that your Jeep’s ESP BAS light has gone on, you may wonder how to turn it off. You can turn it off by performing a steering angle sensor reset. To do this, turn your steering wheel left or right, then back to the centre again. If the light stays on, it is most likely the result of a bad sensor, or the wiring to the sensor is damaged or corrupted from road salt or other debris. To determine the exact cause of your problem, you will need to have a diagnostic scan performed.

Replace The Wheel Speed Sensor

The ESP BAS light on your Jeep is due to a malfunctioning wheel speed sensor. This sensor monitors the speed of all four wheels and assists the steering in maintaining proper wheel alignment. If the wheel speed sensor is defective, ESP will not function, and the light will remain on. To fix the issue, replace the sensor. It’s easy to do and won’t require you to remove any other parts of your Jeep.

To replace the sensor, remove the old one and install a new one. Be careful, however, because some wheel speed sensors can be bad right out of the box. Using a socket and ratchet to remove the old sensor is crucial. Next, unplug the battery and secure the steering wheel in the vehicle’s centre. Afterwards, install the new wheel speed sensor and calibrate it to turn off the light.

When the ESP BAS light on Jeep comes on, it’s because your car needs traction. When you drive over bumps, potholes, and other slick surfaces, your car will automatically engage ESP. This action will cause the light to appear briefly. Ideally, the ESP BAS light will turn off and stay off. If it stays on even after disengaging, the problem is most likely the wheel speed sensor.

If the ESP BAS light remains on after replacing the wheel speed sensor, you may have a malfunctioning steering angle sensor. These sensors are placed inside the steering rack and help the steering wheel work in harmony with the wheels on the ground. Often, this sensor can lose contact and turn on the light. If the steering angle sensor is fixed, however, the ESP BAS light should turn off after a while.


The ESP BAS light pops up for several reasons. You can quickly diagnose the problem and replace the sensor if you have a diagnostic tool. Other significant causes include a malfunctioning brake switch or steering angle sensor. Replacing these components is usually enough to correct the problem. However, if you suspect that the sensor is faulty, you may want to consider hiring an auto mechanic.

To reset the steering angle sensor and turn off the ESP BAS light, turn the steering wheel left or right a few times. Once the steering wheel is centred, the ESP BAS light will turn off. If the sensor is faulty, you may have to have it replaced. If the light is not off, you can continue driving as usual. Check the faulty sensor if you want to restore the steering angle sensor and turn off the ESP BAS light.

A worn-out brake pad is another cause for the ESP BAS light to come on. Using an OBD scan on your vehicle will help you diagnose the problem. This sensor is responsible for alerting vehicles behind you that you are applying the brakes. However, the ESP BAS light will come on if you have a malfunctioning brake switch. It would help if you replaced the sensor as soon as possible to get the ESP BAS light off your Jeep.

Check For Trouble Codes

If the ESP/BAS light comes on after turning the car off, the problem is most likely with the braking system. Often, the problem is with brake fluid, mismatched tires, or lousy wheel sensors. A blown a fuse can knock out the modules and cause the light to come on. To check for trouble codes, use an OBD2 scan tool and look for any stored codes.

The ESP BAS light is typically found on the dashboard underneath the fuel meter. However, your vehicle may have a different location. You should first check the sensor connections with an ohm meter. The sensor is likely faulty if you find the reading less than 0.001 ohms. If this is the case, your next step should be to check the wiring and the car’s diagnostic trouble codes.

The ESP BAS light illuminates when the braking system detects a fault. The faulty ABS pump will cause a wheel to lose traction. In this case, you should get it replaced by a mechanic you trust. In addition to the ABS, the ESP BAS light indicates a low traction condition. If you experience these symptoms, you should visit a mechanic to diagnose the problem.

There are several reasons why the ESP BAS light on a Jeep vehicle illuminates. Sometimes, the ESP BAS light is a false alarm. Check for trouble codes with an OBD II scanner if it keeps flashing. An excellent diagnostic tool will help you find and repair the problem’s root. It’s a good idea to stop driving if you’re experiencing ESP BAS light on.

If the ESP BAS light appears on a Jeep vehicle, you may need to replace or repair the electronic stability program (ESP) component. This part of the car works to alert other drivers of your brake application.

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Replace The Angle Sensor

If you want to turn off the ESP BAS light on your Jeep Liberty, you must first identify the issue. The steering angle sensor may cause this light. The steering angle sensor is located inside the steering rack and assists the steering wheel is turning the wheels in the proper direction. If this sensor starts to malfunction, the ESP BAS light will begin to blink. If you suspect that the sensor is malfunctioning, replace it immediately.

ESP and BAS are acronyms for Electronic Stability Program and Brake Assist Program. Although they have an essential purpose, you must check them to ensure that they do not overreact and cause harm to your Jeep. To test the angle sensor, you must turn the steering wheel left, right, and centre. Then, try turning the steering wheel again. If this does not work, you need to replace the angle sensor.

The steering angle sensor is a vital component in modern vehicles. It helps the vehicle steer in the proper direction by verifying the rotation of the wheels. If this sensor becomes disengaged, the ESP BAS light will blink. If the steering angle sensor is out of sync with the steering angle,


If your ESP BAS light is still on, you can try selling it for top dollar. There are several places you can sell an ESP BAS light. The process can be time-consuming, but if you know what to do, it’s possible to get top dollar for your old Jeep.

A few reasons can cause the ESP BAS light on a Jeep to appear. Sometimes, you have a bad sensor. To find the source of the problem, you can use an ohm meter. If the reading is high, it means the sensor is suitable; if the reading is low, it means it’s broken. The angle sensor is relatively easy to replace if the light is on.

Another possible cause of the ESP BAS light is a faulty steering angle sensor. You can reset the angle sensor and turn the ESP BAS light off if the angle sensor is the culprit. Otherwise, you’ll need to replace the wheel speed sensor, which costs about $250. The good news is that you’ll be able to drive the car safely again. It would help if you weren’t driving with the ESP BAS light. If unsure of the problem, you can always take the car to a mechanic.