The Great Weapon Master Faction in World of Warcraft

The excellent weapon master ranger is an excellent concept, but unfortunately, it lacks personal fighting experience. While many gamers are used to fighting in small groups, they may not have real-world combat experience. While the passive effect is excellent, the ranger does lose a significant amount of health. Because of this, the excellent weapon master ranger must rely solely on the effectiveness of its weapons. Unfortunately, this means that the ranger is limited in terms of a character’s abilities and the effectiveness of his great weapon.


The Great Weapon Master feat is one of the most dangerous but rewarding in the game. If your character is skilled in using a heavy weapon, this feat will allow him to deal a bonus attack if the target is 0 health and rolls a crit. If the character is not experienced with heavy weapons, this feat should be avoided. The passive effect of the feat is significant since the character will rely heavily on his weapon and natural AC to survive.

This feat works well for a great master equipped with a multi-weapon. The bonus attack from crits and cutting down enemies are also applied to this weapon. It does not have the +10 damage option, but the extra attacks will add up over time. Many DM’s home rule that a versatile weapon should always have at least one weapon with the +10 damage option. However, you’ll likely be limited to using only a few versatile weapons simultaneously.

The Sentinel feat is another option. When paired with a Sentinel, this feat locks down enemies’ movement. This allows the character to stall their enemies without taking any damage. If this weapon is paired with a Sentinel, it can reduce enemy movement speed to zero, keeping them in place and begging for a deal.

While the Great Weapon Master feat can significantly increase your character’s damage output, it has several disadvantages. As with any other excellent weapon master feat, failure to consider the disadvantages before using it will risk the rest of your party. For one thing, the passive benefit allows your character to make a bonus attack when killing a creature with a critical hit.


While the damage output of the Great Weapon Master is exceptionally high, there are some disadvantages to this feat, such as its tendency to put the rest of your party at risk. As a result, many players have criticized this class and are boycotting it. However, this feat has several benefits, including the ability to use multiple attacks when killing creatures. For example, a brute’s crazy assault deals extra damage to beasts.

Fighters and barbarians are the most compelling character types to become great weapon masters. Fights and barbarians have excellent base attack bonuses, and their attacks reduce enemies to zero health. In addition, they can benefit from the passive effect of a great weapon master. And while clerics and rangers aren’t the best choices for this feat, you’ll get room to work with your BAB and boost your AC.

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If your character prefers to damage enemies with weapons, an incredible weapon master feat may be necessary. While this feat can reduce damage by 30 percent, it still makes your character a better weapon master. If you plan to level your character up, you’ll want to wait until you reach the eighth level to gain the proficiency bonus.

The best way to use a Great Weapon Master is to balance the disadvantages with the benefits. Using a great weapon master makes your character more powerful, but it can be challenging to use with a great weapon. If the creature you’re attacking has a high AC, you can’t use this feat on it. Therefore, choose a great weapon with low AC to avoid this problem.


The Great Weapon Master feat can be overpowered, primarily when used frequently. This ability is essentially a trade-off between damage and accuracy. It also increases the damage you deal by two. To use this bonus, you must be within 5 feet of at least two creatures, and the bonus is spread out across multiple enemies. While dealing damage three times is fun, it also limits your burst potential. For example, if you attack an enemy, you deal ten times as much damage as if you had made only one attack. This is not as exciting as dealing five times the damage to one enemy, but it is still a pretty good bonus.

The downside of the Great Weapon Master is that it requires a character to hit their target with a melee weapon to benefit from its bonuses. This can make it challenging to use the Great Weapon Master against heavily armored enemies and creatures immune to mundane damage. In addition, it is ineffective against flying or ranged creatures. In many cases, this makes it virtually useless against enemies that cannot hit. But it would help if you didn’t worry because this is only temporary.

Those who use melee classes should consider getting the incredible weapon master feat. Although it can boost their damage output by about double, the benefit depends on your weapon. If you can find a melee weapon with this bonus, it will be huge when hitting low-level enemies. If you don’t have one, talk to your DM to see if your class can get this feat. It can boost your character early on in the game, but its utility diminishes as you level.

Compatibility with other feats

The Great Weapon Master feat has some desirable benefits, but it is overpowered if used with the right builds. Because of its overpowered nature, some players have banned it from their games. Regardless of the reason, you should consider using it in your game if you are looking for a way to make it effective. Listed below are some benefits this feat can provide to your character.

This feat makes Slashers more powerful and deadly than ever, as they deal ten additional damage on each attack. It also makes Slashers more versatile, giving them the option to use weapons that deal more damage and extend further. It also gives Slashers more weapon options, giving them better reach and giant damage dice. In addition, this feat also increases their chance of damaging a larger target, making it easier to slash an entire group at once.

Characters with this feat have more melee attacks. They can make a free melee attack whenever they kill or crimp a creature. This extra attack can also be used in other ways, including casting spells. Taking the feat early on will help you maximize your combat potential. In addition, it will help you to get a higher weapon level faster than you would without this feat.

While the bonus damage does apply to all attacks, it is not applied to touch attacks or effects that do not deal with hit points. The bonus damage is only applied to attacks that deal with hit points. The excellent weapon master feat only works with melee weapons that have Heavy properties. These weapons are more potent than standard weapons. It can also slash through smaller mobs and even more giant monsters.

Placement in character’s build

A great weapon master is a valuable feat to have, but it’s best used on heavy hitters. While it increases damage output by several points per round, it also reduces your attack chance, which can significantly impact the game. Speculative scenarios have shown that Great Weapon Masters can drastically reduce damage output from fighters and ranged characters. Here are some strategies for placing this feat in your character build.

First, a Great Weapon Master is best placed near your melee weapon, ideally at level 20. This ability boosts damage when melee weapons use, so you want to place it near your party members. A failed wisdom saving throw can turn a wizard against you. To avoid this problem, place your skill and wisdom scores higher. Also, place your charisma and intelligence scores high.