The Most Common Boiler Parts and Spares in 2022

Gas boilers are the most common type of boiler in the UK. There are many different parts and spares for these boilers, but here are the most common parts and components for gas boilers. We’ll also discuss continuous blowdown valves, pressure switches, and high-pressure water tube boilers. Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll know exactly what you need for your boiler.

Gas Boilers

If you’re in the market for a new boiler or replacing a damaged one, you should know a few things. Some boiler spares take longer to procure than others. Check lead times to avoid costly downtime. The breadth of excess inventory is also influenced by proximity to local supply stores. Plumbase is a leading supplier of boiler spares and parts with close relationships with significant boiler manufacturers.

Genuine spares and parts are designed by the manufacturers of the boilers they are a part of. These parts are guaranteed to perform in the boiler and are subject to strict testing procedures. Using non-genuine parts may void boiler warranties, making them ineffective and potentially dangerous. It is important to choose genuine parts whenever possible to avoid problems with installation and warranty claims. The following tips will help you source genuine spare parts from a reputable supplier.

High-Pressure Watertube Boilers

Having the right water tube boiler parts and spare parts can make all the difference in a boiler’s uptime. Downtime is costly, and boiler spare parts can prevent the need for emergency repairs or expedited shipping. This article will highlight 15 crucial parts in your boiler’s spare parts inventory in 2022. We will also discuss the importance of getting the correct boiler spares in the first place.

The ASME Boiler Code is the industry’s national standard for industrial efficiency, product reliability, and public safety. It has helped to increase the level of industrial research and certification. Boilers are shell-and-tube heat exchangers that produce steam by boiling water. High-pressure water tube boilers have several unique characteristics that make them the best choice for generating energy and power. The types of boilers include internal or external fire, the number of tubes, and their geometric orientation.

Gas Boiler Pressure Switches

Air pressure switches are an essential part of gas boilers. These switches help prove that air correctly passes through the combustion chamber and exhaust flue—BoilerWAREhouse stocks a variety of air pressure switches, including vacuum and differential models. If you need a boiler replacement, contact us to discuss your options. We’ll find the right part for your boiler fast!

When choosing a gas boiler pressure switch, look for one that vents outside. Not every boiler has one installed, but they’re essential for those with burner gas ratings over 2.5 million Btu/hr. Next, you’ll find safety shutoffs. These are typically two redundant electric valves designed to limit the amount of gas leaking into your boiler. Before installing the safety shutoffs, tap the valve and cap after each one.

Continuous Blowdown Valves

A continuous blowdown valve is an essential part of any boiler because it prevents the accumulation of impurities in the water during the boiler’s operation. The water level inside a boiler is checked using a gauge glass or by cocks. If the gauge glass is not filled quickly, there may be a blockage in the water flow. This can be a significant issue.

Typically, steam boiler valves are cast iron. But for higher pressure applications, steel and bronze are commonly used. Another popular material is spheroidal graphite iron, which has similar mechanical properties to steel. Compared to grey cast iron, spheroidal graphite iron has greater strength than cast iron. Eventually, both materials will replace BS 2790 as the standard for boilers.

Gas Boiler Desuperheater Tubes

This article looks at the common replacement parts for gas boilers. These include economizer and evaporator tubes and gas boiler desuperheater tubes. In addition, we look at the importance of top feed check valves, which help prevent limescale build-up by precipitating it. Powdery limescale is easily removed from a boiler. Gas boiler desuperheater tubes are a series of bundled tubes in the water and steam drums designed to cool the superheated steam and supply dry steam.

To prevent damage to tubes and boilers, pretreatment equipment is essential to improve the water quality incoming to the boiler. Excessive scaling and foaming reduce the efficiency of the boiler. This can cause corrosion. Pretreatment types of equipment include filters, decarbonates, clarifiers, and softeners. Other equipment used for water treatment includes reverse osmosis units and demineralized.